Milestones - Alliance Mortgage Solutions



Nov 2012

Alliance Mortgage Solutions Established by Three Co-founders

Feb 2013

Hurstville Branch Opened

Mar 2013

China Ningbo Office Commenced

Dec 2013

Headquarter Office Moved to Sydney CBD

Dec 2013

Ranked No.19 in "Young Broker of the Year 2013" by "The Adviser" Magazine

Jan 2014

China Ningbo Office Moved to South of Yinzhou Business District

Feb 2014

Winner of 'Best Newcomer 2014’ by ‘Better Business Awards (BBA)’

June 2014

Ranked No.1 in Community and No. 14 in Australia-wide in ‘Top 25 Brokerage’ by ‘The Adviser' Magazine

July 2014

16 leading consultants and 17 supporting officers

Sep 2014

Winner of ‘Broker Partner of the Year 2014’ in ‘Altitude Awards’ by 'VOW Financial'

Oct 2014

Winner of ‘New Brokerage of the Year 2014' by ‘Australian Mortgage Awards (AMA)’

Nov 2014

Two of Our Directors Ranked No.6 and No.9 in ‘Top 100 Brokers 2014’ by ‘Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA)’

Nov 2014

Ranked No.5 in ‘Top 50 Brokers’ by ‘The Adviser’ Magazine

Nov 2014

Ranked No.1 in ‘Young Broker of the Year 2014’ by ‘The Adviser’ Magazine

Mar 2015

Winner of ‘Best New Office 2015’ by Better Business Awards (BBA)

Mar 2015

Winner of ‘Best Residential Broker 2015’ by ‘Better Business Awards (BBA)’

Mar 2015

Winner of ‘Broker of the Year 2015’ by ‘Better Business Awards (BBA)’

Jul 2015

Ranked No. 15 in ‘Top 25 Brokerage 2015’ by ‘The Adviser’ Magazine

Jul 2015

Finalist of ‘Brokerage of the Year (>6 staff-Independent) 2015’ by ‘Australian Mortgage Awards (AMA)’

Jul 2015

Winner of ‘Best Training and Education of the Year 2015’ by ‘Australian Broking Awards (ABA)’

Sept 2015

Ranked No.5 in 'Top 10 Independent Brokerage 2015’ by ‘Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA)’

Nov 2015

Winner of ‘Broker Partner of the Year-Rising Star 2015’ in ‘Altitude Awards’ by 'VOW Financial'

Nov 2015

Ranked No.8 in ‘Young Broker of the Year 2015’ by ‘The Adviser’ Magazine

Dec 2015

Finalist of ‘Best Independent Office (more than 5 brokers) 2016' by ‘Better Business Awards (BBA)’

Jan 2016

Headquarter Office Moved to 201 Elizabeth St, Sydney

Mar 2016

Winner of ‘Best Newcomer 2016’ by 'Better Business Awards (BBA)'

May 2016

Finalist of ‘Office of the Year 2016’ by ‘Australian Broking Award (ABA)'

Jun 2016

Ranked No. 12 'Top 25 Brokerage 2016' by ‘The Adviser' Magazine

Jul 2016

Ranked No.9 in 'Top 10 Independent Brokerage 2016’ by ‘Mortgage Professional Australia (MPA)


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