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Here are some responses from our previous clients and customers who had great experiences with AMS experts.

Daniel W

Mr Donald Tang
Suit 503, Level 5, 233 Castlereagh Street
Sydney, NSW 2000 Australia
To Mr Tang
We are writing to express our appreciation and gratitude for your help with our mortgage. Our application to you was late and we were going to get a low valuation on our home but your perseverance and hard work got us a loan with the correct valuation saying us from having to pay a larger deposit.

We were impressed that as we were in your office looking at the papers just about to sign your assistant brought in the paperwork with a lower interest rate than the initial loan had.
Thanks for help in this as well as your prompt and helpful advice and help through the process.


Yoke J

Dear Donald,

I am very pleased to inform you that the sale of our property on the Central Coast was settled 10 days ago. A very big “thank you” to you for all the support and advice you had given me.

You helped my son Troy with a loan to purchase his first home, and he could not speak more highly of you. When we were selling our property, we had a few issues with our bank regarding the break up costs of our loan, Tory encouraged me to contact you.

When I emailed you for advice, I did not know if you would reply because I was not a client of yours. Surprisingly you did- promptly and always with curtesy and good helpful information, not once but many times. You had helped us save a lot in unwarranted costs.

I really appreciate your time and willingness to help, especially without being paid a commission. I know many home/ business buyers will be fortunate to have you as their broker, I certainly will not hesitate recommend you to anyone I know. Thank you again.

Warmest Regards,
Yoke Jackson.

Jack and June

To Eric Cui
After we entered into a contract for sale, a friend introduced Eric to us. The first impression that Eric gave us is that he is very honest and professional, and this is why we decided to engage Eric as our mortgage broker. Eric has extensive knowledge and experience in mortgage broking. He prepared a checklist for us and gathered all necessary documents at our first meeting. The second time that we heard from him is when he advised us that the loan was approved. We were very surprised by his efficiency and working attitude. It was a pleasure to work with Eric and since then we have become friends.
Eric is a very professional mortgage broker. He answered our questions professionally and patiently, and provided us with premium advice on our home loan plan. The second time that we engaged Eric’s service is when we had to go overseas within a short period of time. Although it is an urgent situation, Eric got our loan approved just before we left for China. Eric’s efficiency impressed us again! Thanks, Erci!
Eric is a responsible person, and cares for his clients. I enjoy cooperating with Eric, and I will definitely engage Eric’s service in the future. Good expertise plus professional attitude create good reputation. I have recommended Eric to my friends, and we are very pleased with the level of service we received.

Dan L

Letter of Appreciation

Apex Investment Pty Ltd introduced me to Donald of Alliance Mortgage Solutions in November 2011. At that time, I was so concerned about my existing mortgages and future home loans.

My husband and I have purchased four properties since 2011, and three of them have settled with all home loans approved. When I contacted Donald, I was about to engage his service for our fourth home loan. (Settlement in August 2014)

Donald contacted us very quickly and got through information on our existing home loans as well as our relevant concerns. He gave us constructive advices on the issues that we have with existing mortgages. After obtaining our consent, he actively made contacts with our property Management Company and real estate agents to obtain relevant information for re-evaluating our properties. It was Chinese New Year holiday period this year, so the result was not good. However, rather than giving up, Donald prepared more comprehensive documents and conducted a second re-evaluation. During the whole comprehensive documents and conducted a second re-evaluation. During the whole process, Donald was very patient in advising us about the documents to be prepared for settlement in August. We readjusted our strategies according to the banks’ policy changes.

With Donald’s efforts, I successfully refinanced my property located at Wentworth point, and released another existing equity for $80,000. Also, I got a 80% home loan for the property located at Harold Park (valuation equals to purchasing price). Thanks to Donald’s professionalism and attention to details my cash flow was significantly freed up to an amount of $200,000. It has been a pleasure to work with Donald in the last few months. He replied my email at first instance, and answered my questions without procrastination. I also appreciate his efforts in helping me solve questions that are irrelevant to my property matters. His advice is professional, specific, without holding back or misleading information. Compared to my previous mortgage brokers, Donald exhibited commendable attributes: professionalism, honesty, integrity and discipline.

I really appreciate Donald and his team for everything. Not only did he bring the cash flow benefits thorough the excellent loan application, but also deeply touched me with his professionalism, dedication and integrity. That restores my confidence in Australian property market.

What else is very touching is that Donald took my case with care and attention despite his heavy workload as the director of Alliance Mortgage Solutions. He is a man of integrity and is not driven by personal interests. He is consistent in giving his clients care and attention regardless of the loan amount, and it is this character that contributed significantly to the outstanding outcomes of my two home loan applications.

So I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Donald and his team for all their efforts and time. Your professionalism, dedication, self-discipline and integrity have earned my heartfelt respect!

Xuezhen C

Dear Aaron,

I would like to extend a big thak you and your team for helping me with my current home loan.

When my partner and I had oour eyes on a second-hand property, we were still holding bridging visas. It was quite a mission impossible for any people on bridging visas to apply for home loans. However, you helped us achieve this mission impossible. I really appreciate your efforts and professionalism in collecting evidence to prove to the bank that my partner and I had stable and sufficient income. You took initiatives in communicating with the bank about our situations. The process of applying for my current home loan was difficult but you were always supportive and reachable! Thanks to your professionalism and devotion to my case, we successfully got an 80% home loan when we were still on bridging visas!
We are now permanent residents in Australia, and happily live in the house with the home loan you applied for us. I would certainly recommend you to my friends. My partner and I believe you are one of the best mortgage brokers in town!

Again, thank you!

Alvin Z

August 20, 2014


Zakk Dong

Alliance Mortgage Solutions

Suite 503, 233 Castlereagh Street

Sydney NSW 2000


Dear Zakk,

Through this letter, I would like to let you know that I am very satisfied with the service you and Alliance Mortgage Solutions provided to me in the past year. I am very grateful for that.

My solicitor always speaks highly of you and this is why she recommended you to me when I complained to her that my previous broker is irresponsible and careless. When I entered into the contract for sale I was very confident that I could pay 30% payment was not possible for me. My previous broker advised me that he could do nothing to help me increase my home loan from 70% to 80%.

You are very experienced and pragmatic in providing thorough professional advice. If you did not carefully go through my previous application, I would not realize that there was so much missing information in my previous home loan application. With your help, I successfully applied for a home loan and increased my borrowings to 80%. Moreover, I am happy that you went extra miles to help me lower my interest rates by 0.2% and waive my first year annual fee.

Thank you, Zakk for everything you did to help me realize my home dream in Australia. I know that I can rely on you for handling my future investment matters.

Alvin and Tiffany

Dear Raymond,

Thank you for helping us obtain the amazing home loan. If it were not because of you and the support service provided by Alliance Mortgage Solutions, I would have missed my dream house.


We knew that it was a really urgent situation when we needed to settle the property within two weeks after the first inspection. At that time, we had not prepared anything and we thought we would not have sorted everything out in just 10 working days! However, you really gave our case a real push. Your expertise and competence made us feel that we were in safe hands. In Particular, I would like to thank you for personally delivering some documents for me when I was extremely busy with my work. I knew that it was beyond the scope of your work. Thanks for your hightly efficient work, our house was settled in only 7 working days after the first inspection. I am very pleased with the outcome.

I will continue to engage you, as well as Alliance Mortgage Solutions, in handling my future financial matters.

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