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Our Team

Our Team

Donald Tang

Founder, Director

The experienced broker transforms the complicated investment and financial terms into simple and explicit story.

Eric Cui

Founder, Director

I believe success is in details, so I focus on making the best of every little things and bringing the greatest interests to customers.

Echo Yao

General Manager

Be yourself, because everyone else is already taken.

Raymond Li

Sales Director

Focus leads to profession. Your satisfaction is my goal.

Zakk Dong

Sales Director

My experience is the guarantee of high-quality service.

Aaron Sun

Lending Manager

I do not go out and marketing myself, because my clients’ words of mouth is the most powerful tool.

Adam Wang

Lending Consultant

Every day, I try to break through my self-imposed limits, because a day without improving myself is a day wasted.

Richard Zhang

Lending Consultant

Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.

Amy Liu

Lending Consultant

Be positive, attitude is everything.

Lexon Shi

Lending Consultant

Your biggest purchase, backed by my expertise.

Thomas Wang

Lending Consultant

Be slow to promise and quick to perform.


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