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The world is changing rapidly and so does the finance market.

You might have the optimum solution and lowest interest rate when first set up your loan, but it’s likely that your needs and the market have changed.


Here are a couple of reasons why you should consider refinancing:
  • Better interest rate, new features or add-ons including flexible repayments, redraw facilities and account splitting.
  • Manage your finances easier by consolidating debts like personal loan, car loan or credit card onto your mortgage.
  • Using the equity in your home to renovate/as a deposit for your next property/ invest in other wealth-building opportunities or even improving your lifestyle
  • Potential tax benefit when using equity in your home to invest


Things to consider when refinancing
  • Upfront costs, ongoing costs and switching costs. For example, settlement fee, loan establishment fee, mortgage registration fee, loan service, and exit fees and charges.
  • Lenders’ Mortgage Insurance/ Low Deposit Premium may be required for borrowing more than 80% of the property value.


At AMS, we review your current loans, needs and goals.  We compare and consolidate products available on the market, aim to provide you with the best solutions that leaves peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

To provide the best service for our clients, AMS provides regular review and check up on your loan to make sure it is most up to date with the best options on the market. We also get exclusive rates and approval for certain loan structures from a number of different lenders.


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