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The Management

The Management

While AMS’s founders have different expertise, it is their shared belief and common value that brought them together: a shared understanding of the significance of property ownership to Asian families. As reflected in the saying that a man’s home is his castle, AMS’s founders deeply understand that property ownership brings the sense of security and belonging, especially for Chinese families who just establish their new lives in the Western society. Language barriers, as well as lack of knowledge on Australia financial industry, can pose difficulties for Chinese property investors and their capacity in property management. Therefore, AMS’s founders strive to tackle problems and help our clients to realize their home dream in Australia – this constitutes the long standing spirit of AMS team.


Donald is an experienced senior sales person, excels in providing excellent customer service and building strategic business relationship. With extensive work experiences in various industries, Donald understands that building and maintaining business relationship are crucial for the success of a business. With Donald’s efforts in nurturing good professional relationship with banks and agents, AMS survives tight deadlines and stands strong even during challenging time.


Eric has extensive professional knowledge in finance and mortgage broking industry. He understands and interprets clients’ needs, and provides innovative advice tailored to their unique situations. As a licensed Mentor, Eric is responsible for AMS’s in-house training program, which is designed to continuously motivate our team to be proactive in updating professional knowledge and policy developments. With Eric’s efforts, AMS ensures that the service we provide is professional, efficient and reliable.


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